Canadian Music Week 2012 Round-Up

March was a whirlwind of activity; you may have seen our posts from our trip to Austin and back on the site – if not, you can also find them here on

For most normal people, ten days on the road with 2 bands in one van and enduring the craziness of SXSW (South By Southwest) would mean a well-deserved break and some r ‘n r (not the rock n roll kind). But no… it just means it’s time for another week-long festival, but this time in our home town. Welcome to Canadian Music Week.

On the most part CMW means meetings, discussions on the current state of the music business, new business models, and future opportunities. But this year, Indie Week Ireland 2011 winners, The Suburbians, were over to play a couple of showcases for CMW, and while they were here we decided to make sure they were busy, so we got them some extra opportunities including:

  • The opening slot for MY DARKEST DAYS (who are now opening for Nickelback on their North American Tour) in their hometown of Peterborough at The Red Dog. The show was put on by THE WOLF (everyone remember our chambering MC from the finals? It was non-other than The Wolf’s Vince Beirworth).
  • A showcase at the GIBSON VIP party sponsored by Monster Cable along with Magneta Lane and Gloryhound
  • Presenting the award for best solo artist male at The Indies
  • An acoustic performance and interview with Mediazoic
  • As well as a couple of song writing sessions

Not bad for a once-unknown act from a small place outside of London called Essex. The band has stepped up to the plate and have delivered! We kept them busy and they took it in stride and they did a great job of working the festival circuit during Canadian Music Week.