From Indie Week to Austin: Day #1

It all started at 5am. An unthinkable, ungodly hour for most bands, but we did it – 12 of us all packed our stuff in the trailer and got cozy in a giant 15-passenger van.
Tim Horton’s in hand, we were off. With nothing but the open North American road ahead of us; 1300 kms and a lot of Arby’s stops ahead, we were heading to Austin, TX – next stop, the music epicenter that is Nashville, TN.
Drive?? From Toronto to TEXAS?!? With 2 bands you say? Yep. It’s all about the journey, folks. Are we crazy? Probably. Are we about to have the time of our lives? Abso-fucking-lutely.

Joining us on this journey and filling our extra-large chariot are The Rabid Whole, who are a 5-piece electronic alt-rock band from our hometown of Toronto. Also joining us are The Suburbians who made a much more significant commute all the way from the UK (or Britain, or England, depending who you ask- just make sure you get it right when asked at the border!) Both bands are Indie Week veterans, with The Suburbians holding the grand supreme title as winners of Indie Week Ireland 2011.

Now we’re all reunited and it feels so good! Headed to Austin to play the Red Gorilla showcase at SXSW.
See ya later, Toronto, we’ll be back… Eventually!

Indie Week To Austin Quote Of The Day:

“This seatbelt’s like a python. It’s not going to stop until I’m dead” – Ben K

-Chloe Gedmintas