Indie Week Ireland: Day 3

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With their ears still ringing and body aching from last night’s debauchery and Nixon DJ set, there’s no rest for the wicked! The crew woke Nixon, The Suburbians, and Marina Zettl up from their beauty sleep for a little hair of the dog – the group went on a private tour of the Jameson Distillery! (When in Ireland, right?)

Then it was back to the music. Third day, three venues, lots of incredible talent, and the last 2 finalists will be crowned to head to the Indie Week Ireland finals tomorrow night!

First it was off to Industry for awesome performances kicking off with Marina Zettl;
Review by CMW: “A breath of fresh air, Marina’s jazz-style vocals are unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. They have a power and passion reminiscent of the late Amy Winehouse which definitely made the audience sit up and take notice with songs such as Little Miss Wise Guy while the sweetness in pitch perfect harmonies on I Can’t Take It Anymore are enough to send a shiver down your spine. It is immediately evident that Marina and Thomas pull influences not just from jazz but from pop, soul and funk. Their combined energy, light spirited-humorous banter between songs, and really good songs at that, only compliment their already exuberant stage presence.”

Following Marina were Sarah Packiam, and Alex The Great. Awesome.

Meanwhile, at the Mezz, the night was just getting started with Sunday Recovery, The Vickers, Moo, and Nixon.

And the winner (from tonight at The Mezz/Industry) is….. Marina Zettl!!!!!!!


But still the night keeps getting better! Meanwhile at Sweeney’s – a killer lineup was brewing. Leading Armies set the bar high and killed it right off the bat;
“Leading Armies are a deadly cocktail comprised of the ashes of Limericks acclaimed “Better Than You”, “Scully and the Misfits”, “The Super Mode Twins” and “Fribble”. Hailing from various bands and musical backgrounds with a fresh unique sound thats guaranteed to get your body moving and put a smile on your face. Beautiful five part harmonies,catchy hooks,pulsating bass lines,screaming guitar solos,earth shattering drums……and then some!”

Following them were Band 66, L.Stadt, The Suburbians, The Hot Sprockets, Last Second Magic, and closing the night was Damien’s band, and another killer DJ set by Nixon! What a mouthful – and what a lineup!

And last but not least, the fourth & final finalist chosen by judges to head to the Indie Week Ireland finals tomorrow night is………. Leading Armies!!!!!!!!!!

Phew! What a day!

Next stop – The Grand Social tomorrow night for the final night of Indie Week Ireland, where all the semi-finalists get one last chance to impress the pants off the judges, and only one band will be crowned the WINNERS of Indie Week Ireland, and be heading to Canada for Indie Week in October! How can you not be stoked about that?!

Stay tuned for more updates!

- Chloe