Indie Week Ireland: Day 4th & Final!

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20 bands.

4 venues.

4 very late nights.

Too many Jamesons.

It all comes down to this….. Saturday was the Finals at The Grand Social for Indie Week Ireland – the big kahuna, the end all be all, for all the marbles… Whatever cliche you want to choose – this is it.

The grand prize winner from tonight WINS Indie Week Ireland and (the best part!) lands a trip to Toronto, Canada to play Indie Week here! Woot!

So enough talking, let’s get to it…

First up, was Thursday’s winner from Sweeney’s – Poland’s L.Stadt; and they sure did rock it out to set the bar high. Give them a listen here;

Next, was Thursday’s winner from The Mezz – Limerick’s Animal Beats; they were incredible, but don’t take my word for it – check them out here; 

Next up was Friday’s winner from Sweeney’s – Dublin’s Leading Armies; who rocked it out in their hometown crowd. Check out their performance from The Mezz that won them a spot in the finals, here; 

And last but certainly not least was Friday’s winner from The Mezz – Austria’s Marina Zettl; who gave it her all with her awesome jazz vocals – check her out here;


After the finalists all strutted their stuff, Red Empire headlined with a kick-ass set, to keep us all nervous with excitement & anticipation as the judges made their final decision.


And then, the moment we all have been waiting for.

The main event.

The big winner!

The winner of Indie Week Ireland…

And now headliner of Indie Week in Toronto…


LEADING ARMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and the crowd goes wild!!!!!!!!!!)

Definitely check out the video of their killer final performance at The Grand Social that won them all the marbles;


Congrats guys!! Very well deserved!

Well, there you have it – watch out for Leading Armies, as they will be in Canada to headline Indie Week there in October, and prepare to take over the world soon after!


… and another one bites the dust, as they say. Goodbye rolling green hills, goodbye authentic Jamesons & Guiness, goodbye awesome Ireland family – we’ll be back next year!

HUGE thanks to all the bands who came out & took part in Indie Week Ireland, thanks to all the venues – The Mezz, Sweeney’s Mongrel, Industry, and The Grand Social, and thanks to YOU – the awesome music fans out there that come out to support our craziness!


Rock on!

- Chloe