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You may know them from Dublin.

Or from their kick-ass high-energy live shows.

Or, most importantly, from headlining Indie Week Ireland this year!

You know them – you love them – RED EMPIRE!

And just in case you don’t know them – now’s your chance!

(Photo (c) Paul Andrews Photography)
Craig Cahill – Vox
Richie Connolly – Guitars/Vox
Deco Connolly – Drums
Gar McCarthy – Keys/Guitars/Vox
Des Finn – Bass/Vox


We got a chance to catch up with the guys, right after they headlined Indie Week Ireland, check out what Craig, the lead singer, had to say below…


How did it feel to headline a festival in your hometown?

“It felt great. We’re from all over Dublin so headlining such a great gig with some really interesting, up and coming new bands was a complete pleasure for us. We said a big thank you to the organisers during our gig because we all feel it’s very important to support new talent.”


For those of us who aren’t familiar, can you describe your sound as a band?

“Eh, that’s a tough one to answer because we pride ourselves on trying new things all the time but I suppose we’d be considered a rock band. The most important thing to us about our sound is that the songs are well-crafted and honest and played with a real palpable intensity. I think that anyone who comes to see us will see that immediately.”


How did the band get started? Did you all know each other before hand?

“It was a bit of a grand coincidence to be honest. Myself and Gar had been writing and playing music together since we were 15 and we were friends with Joe, our producer, from a couple of years previous. Richie, Des and Deco were in a band who started making an album with Joe a good few years back but they ran across some problems with singers and other musicians. At that time I’d been having a few pints with Joe and the lads without actually knowing that they were in a band so when they started talking about what was going on and me and Gar heard their stuff we were immediately interested. So, it was kind of a great marriage of the two projects and we had so much great material to start it all off with.”


If you had to describe your band in 3 words, what would they be?

“Honest, confident and intelligent.”


I know you just released your debut EP, with an album on the way; what was that process like – from starting to write the songs to the final mixing and distributing the album, and everything in between?

“We actually just released our debut EP. We’re going to bring out our debut album this September. The EP was called Strange Philosophy and it was a way of us introducing ourselves and our sound to people. It’s gotten a really good response and we’re very proud of it. Because of the way the band formed the songs and the way they were recorded was quite a long and adventurous process with lots of little bumps and successes on the road along the way. We learned a hell of a lot though and the recording sessions for the album have been going really well. We can’t wait to show people what we have lined up next! – We recorded most of the EP in Joe’s home studio. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere where we all feel really comfortable so it’s ideal really.”


What’s the best (and worst!) part about being in an indie band?

“That word “Indie” has had a very checkered past when we’re talking about bands and music in general. I remember a few years back it had some oddly negative connotations because it started to be used by trendy poser bands as a badge of honour. We consider ourselves indie in as much as we are truly independent, unsigned and self-reliant.”


What’s next for Red Empire? Any tour dates or exciting things on the horizon you want to share?

“Yeah, loads of stuff! We’re playing the Forstock fetival on the 23rd of the June and the Westport festival the following day. We have a series of live performance videos coming out soon online through our Facebook and Youtube pages that we recorded recently and we’re really excited about. Obviously, we’re about to head into some seriously hard work to get the album recorded for a September release. We have lots more gigs and interesting stuff going on over the next while and you can keep up to date with it all at, or our twitter account.”


Thank so much guys – it was a pleasure to have Red Empire headline Indie Week Ireland, what a great way to end the festival!

Be sure to keep your eye out for these guys!

(Photo (c) Paul Andrews Photography)


Check out their sound here:


Check out their videos here:

See them here on Balcony TV:
(‘Deliver Me’)
(‘Everything to Anyone’)
And last but CERTAINLY not least, watch their official video here for ‘Strange Philosophy’:



Rock on!

- Chloe

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As I’m sure you know by now, our Indie Week Ireland team is tearing it up in Dublin! The rolling green hills, some moody rain, tons of great music, and enough Jameson to go around – what more could you ask for?

So while we’re all here and stuck in flooding Toronto, we might as well investigate what they’re up to; come on, live vicariously through them with me!

First, it wouldn’t be a trip across the pond before making a quick stop in England to see our favorite English lads with instruments – The Suburbians!
The team met up with them at The Barfly to see the guys strut their stuff on their home turf, seeing them off on a party-time-excellent tour of the UK of their own.

After many high fives and good times, it was off to Dublin to get it on like it’s.. well, Indie Week Ireland.

Wednesday, May 30th kicked off with the Indie Week Address, and then a ton of incredible acts, starting with Alex The Great;
“Alex the Great is an independent Alternative-Folk-Rock act based in Brighton, UK… But really they are much more than that. Alex the Great brings together a far-reaching scale of musical styles – from catchy, guitar-driven tunes to their slowed down, Dylanesque folk songs, it is hard to ignore the cohesive-yet-varied set lists and true dedication that are obvious in each of the band’s performances. While the crowd dances along, each musician brings a sense of individuality to every song, creating a sound that is truly unique. Their music is for everyone, from anywhere.”

Followed by Marina Zettl; a gorgeous German girl with a definite set of pipes.

The Vickers were soon to follow, born in 2007 and a ‘rock band that will blow your mind’.

Moo was next. Who the heck are Moo? Well, in their words not mine (because I couldn’t have said it better myself…)
“When the Great God of Rock n’ Roll was finished, he surveyed with satisfaction the panorama of long hair, guitars and drums he had created. As he did so  he noticed he still had some scraps of raw material left over – a dollop of Western, a scoop of Rockabilly, a whole bottle of pure Rock n’ Roll essence itself and a few truckloads of Good Time.  He rolled it all up into a ball and fried it up on the skillet and what came out was: MMmmmmooooooooooOOOOOOO!!!!  Unfortunately he didn’t have enough Long Hair left, so only two of the band members got any. The other has to make do with an (albeit rather cool) cowboy hat.”

Closing out the first Indie Week night at The Mezz was Sixteen Layers;
“Sixteen Layers is a story of grit and determination. A four piece alt rock band all hailing from Dublin that have put themselves on the map independently.”

Meanwhile, at Industry, Sarah Packiam, Animal Beats, & L.Stadt rocked it out. The night closed out with a killer Nixon performance, who hold a special spot in our Indie hearts as the hailing champs of Indie Week 2011.

Stay tuned for more recaps of Indie Week Ireland!

Rock on!

- Chloe